Post #5: Ready. Aim. Shop.

I am a big fan of Target’s advertising.   They have developed such strong branding, that just the site of their colors make me think of Target.  I see a dog that is the same breed as their mascot, Bullseye, and I think of Target.  Merely the site of their logo in a commercial makes me think of Target.  I am a loyal Target-goer, but I think this may be because I am constantly surrounded by Target advertising.  For my everyday shopping needs, it is one of the first stores I think of.

However, sometimes I think that I should avoid their stores.  Beyond the external advertising campaigns, Target’s store displays are executed so effectively, I jokingly tell people that they charge a cover charge, just to enter the store.  I will rarely walk in the store without spending at least $50.  In fact, recently, I was on a “mission” to Target.  I had prepared a list of four items I needed to purchase.  I anticipated the cost would be approximately $30.  I knew that I would purchase these items, and only these items.  Do you think I walked out with those items?  No!  In fact, I walked out of the store having spent $200, but with only one of the items on my list.  I remain baffled by why I do this.

3 thoughts on “Post #5: Ready. Aim. Shop.

  1. Alena Finsky says:

    I agree about what you say about the “cover charge.” I too love Target, but it’s crazy how easy it is to drop $100 there!

  2. Too funny!

    Both your title and the idea of a “cover charge.”

  3. jaebach says:

    Love this! I’m a fan of Target. Have been for over 15 years….just love it!

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